Founder & CEO Urban Rigger ApS & Udvikling Danmark A/S

As an entrepreneur and founder of several sold national and international business successes, Kim Loudrup founded URBAN RIGGER in 2013,A floating student residence, designed for port, river and canal intensive cities. A groundbreaking patented concept of sustainable and mobile housing, which will help to alleviate the housing situation for the many students in Europe. The first URBAN rigger is exhibited in model form at the National Building Museum in Washington DC and has been selected for the official Danish contribution to the 15th International Architecture Biennale in Venice 2016.



Founder and creative partner of Bjarke Ingels Group (BIG) since 2005. Ingels has won numerous architectural competitions. In October 2011, the Wall Street Journal named Ingels the Innovator of the Year for architecture and, in July 2012, cited him as “rapidly becoming one of the design world’s rising stars” in light of his extensive international projects. Ingels has moved to New York City in 2010 to overlook VIA and his other North American engagements. In 2014 Ingels also introduced BIG IDEAS as an internal, technology driven special projects unit at Bjarke Ingels Group.



Finn Nørkjær is a Partner at BIG and has collaborated with Bjarke Ingels since he won the competition on his very first project for the Aquatic Centre in 2001. Finn has been instrumental in translating Bjarke’s visionary architecture into buildable projects. URBAN RIGGER Board member.



Jakob Sand joined BIG in 2011 to lead the team for the prize-winning Paris PARC project for the Jussieu Campus of the Univerité Pierre et Marie Curie. During his career Jakob has worked in the field between conception and realization; as Project Leader on several prominent developments, he has won many competitions in Denmark and abroad.

Working in both Paris and Copenhagen for many years has given him an excellent knowledge of European culture and building practice.



Jakob Lange is a Partner at BIG and has collaborated with Bjarke Ingels since 2003. As a Project Leader for several award-winning projects, Jakob has been instrumental to many of BIG’s largest commissions. akob also heads BIG IDEAS, BIG’s technology-driven special projects division. Through analysis and simulation, BIG IDEAS informs BIG’s design decisions with research-based information—Information Driven Design. Special projects, including a green window farm, customized furniture, and innovative building systems support the studio’s work from small details to the BIG picture.



Mr. Karol Marcinkowski is an Executive Advisor of NIRAS. Mr. Marcinkowski serves as a Director at NIRAS Gruppen A/S. He holds MSc in Engineering. URBAN RIGGER Board member.


M. in Marine Engineering, and Naval architecture

Jesper has 25 years experience in design & production of floating elements, he is one of northern europes leading marine engineers and was previously charge of design, production and implementation of the multiple _ 170.000-ton concrete elements for the tunnel project, connecting Denmark & Sweden on the Øresund link.


Legal advisor

Partner at Kromann Reumert and legal advisor to Urban Rigger.
Kromann Reumert is the leading law firm in Denmark with offices in Copenhagen, Aarhus and London.  We employ a team of almost 485 dedicated people, who work together to provide quality services for our clients. Currently, Kromann Reumert employees include around 250 lawyers covering a long list of practice areas.


Social Media

Young and experienced is a contradiction in terms, if there ever was one. Nevertheless the most important one when it comes to social media management. With 10 years of experience in the field, Alexander Jensen has created online content and online social communities since before he could walk. He has joined the team with a mission to diminish the reach between the world of the internet and the Urban rigger group.


Production Engineer and Business Development

Bjørn Nørgaard has extensive experience from workring with major production and distribution companies in DK as management consultant . Has worked in various indistries with Business development, Market Research, Business Strategy, Project and Product management.  He develops and refine Urban Rigger property strategy models to accommodate flexible and attractive Urban Rigger rental solutions for the benefit of tenants and yet profitable for investors.

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