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Floating communities

Cities around the world are currently facing an enormous pressure on available and affordable housing, and the situation is becoming increasingly difficult to solve as the population expands. 

Urban Rigger is an advanced and creative solution to free out space and bring life to former industrial areas by building strong, mobile communities on water. Today, urban waterfronts in most cities are being limited to passive use or one-dimentional commercial activity. Discovering an identity for an unused waterfront is a big challenge for many cities. We need to look at new and alternative ways to bring life into these areas and increase the waterfront’s long-term potential. With Urban Rigger, we can overcome this challange by creating floating communities that opens up a new way of living.


From a place to live to a way of living

Designed by world renowned architect Bjarke Ingels, Urban Rigger is built with upcycled shipping containers using the principles of LEGO for creativity, connectivity and flexibility. The design is easily replicable to floating housing units of varying size as needed and desired. Urban Rigger can be located anywhere with water access and used for multiple purposes. In Copenhagen, our current waterfront community holds 12 apartments (23m2 – 30m2) on each 6 riggers with a total of around 100 students living onboard. Each rigger also has a green courtyard for bikes, kayaks and BBQ, a large community room in the basement below sea level, as well as a great roof terrace that gives a beautiful view. All together, our unique, patented concept enables a perfect community oasis.

Resilient and sustainable housing

Most importantly, Urban Rigger can help solving social and economic challenges while at the same time improving the environmental footprint of our way of living in the city. The material lifecycle perspective is carefully considered in all our constructions, inside as well as outside; the surrounding seawater serves as a natural source for heat with the help of low energy pumps; solar penals work as a clean source of fuel to run electricity; and the watertight concrete requires no maintenance and respects the biodiversity in the sea. 

In this perspective, the Urban Rigger concept combines city, water, and nature in sustainable communities towards a better future. 

Want to join our community?

We are fully booked at the moment, but you can sign up on our waitinglist for a studio apartment in Copenhagen right here!

For more information about the apartments, please visit our Apartments-site where you can learn about the different types of apartments, see floor plans, pricing as well as pictures of the Urban Riggers. 

Rigger kitchen and view
New Riggers

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