Urban Rigger


Urban Rigger is a sustainable housing concept, designed by BIG (Bjarke Ingels Group), with the purpose of changing how we build and live
ecocentrically with respect to nature, organic live and the climate.

It is the future of water housing, developed to help cities and municipalities becoming more sustainable by building Doughnut-inspired communities floating on water.

By combining the most sustainable building materials with a unique approach to circular economy and sharing economy, Urban Rigger offers an affordable housing concept, that is inspired by industrial environments and the creative urban scene.


Urban Rigger was developed to create a future-fit housing concept, that meets the challenges of the 21st century, and help cities and residents becoming more sustainable.

Build on waterfront areas, the floating communities are created with respect to maritime bio-diversity. Microbes, mussels, barnacles, crabs, algae, etc. grow straight on the surfaces of the hull, and this wildlife shares the burden of cleaning the surrounding water, as well as assisting in turning CO2 into O2.

The material lifecycle perspective is carefully considered in all our constructions, inside as well as outside; the surrounding seawater serves as a natural source for heat with the help of low energy pumps; solar penals work as a clean source of fuel to run electricity; and the watertight concrete requires no maintenance the next 100 years.


Whereas the construction process is focusing on energy optimization in the entire value chain and thereby contributing to SDG 13 “Climate Action”, the Urban Rigger community is devoted to taking care of SDG 14 “Life Below Water”, as the riggers are designed to regenerate maritime bio-diversity and clean water.

The residents of the riggers furthermore indulge in a sustainable lifestyle where sharing and caring about regenerating the oceans, while having social impact and a positive footprint, is at the forefront.

While supporting the Global Goals agenda in general, the Urban Rigger community also has a strong mission to support the UN mission of regenerating ocean life.

The young people who get accepted into higher educations today are the same people that the world will rely on, facing the unprecedented global challenges that lie ahead. Essential basic drivers of the student migration, such as the availability of centralized, sustainable and affordable student housing, is not only elemental, but cardinal in the quest to inspire and attract the best and the brightest to conquer the challenges of our exciting but fragile future.


– Bjarke Ingels

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