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World Architecture Festival Awards

In 2017 URBAN RIGGER was nominated as a finalist for the World Architecture Festival (WAF) Awards.

WAF is where communities meet to share expertise and learn from each other. By attending the World Architecture Festival, they will gain inspiration and ideas for their own work. ​It is the only global architecture festival that combines live crit presentations, seminars and networking. At the heart of the festival sits a unique live-judged awards programme.

“One of the finalists is the renowned Danish architectural group BIG, which participates with the concept URBAN RIGGER. The project is based on the expected deficit of student housing being estimated to around four million by 2025, to which one possible solution is to utilize the thousands of kilometers of unused waterways in the European cities for “floating student housing”.

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Danish Design Award

In 2017 URBAN RIGGER was nominated as a finalist by the Danish Design Award in the category “Clean Solutions”.

Danish Design Award highlights the impact and value of design. They celebrate companies and designers across the country and showcase the difference that their solutions make to the industry, everyday life and society at large. Danish Design Award demonstrates the value and impact of design in Denmark today and inspires and stimulates the use of design and design thinking in companies and society.

The partnership behind the Danish Design Award brings the design industry and the entire country together for an annual design event celebrating the difference design can make. The award categories range from design that has created jobs or cut costs over health solutions and resource sharing to visionary concepts demonstrating the wide range and diversity of the capability of design to bring added value. The Danish Design Award is a joint creation of the Danish Design Centre and the alliance of design professionals Design Denmark.

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Edison Awards​

In 2017 URBAN RIGGER was nominated for the Edison Awards.

The Edison Awards symbolize the persistence and excellence personified by Thomas Edison, whilst also strengthening the human drive for innovation, creativity and ingenuity. Since 1987 the Edison Awards have recognized and honored some of the most innovative new products, services and business leaders in the world. The Edison Awards is an annual competition honoring excellence in “game changing” development, marketing, human centred design, and innovation products and services.

Previous winners:
Apple, Coca Cola, Dyson, 3M, Tesla, NIKE, Microsoft, BOEING, Caterpillar, GM, Walt Disney Company, NISSAN, P&G, Logitech, Levis, Nielsen, Starbucks and Amazon.

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Foreningen Hovedstadens Forskønnelse (FHF)

In 2016 URBAN RIGGER received a diploma from FHF.

Foreningen Hovedstadens Forskønnelse (FHF) is an active forum in Copenhagen. It is an old and estimable union which was founded in 1885, and their goal is to beautify the capital. They affect the development and realization of modern Copenhagen, and ensure that our time is visible in the city through edifices, urban spaces and parks at high architectural and artistic levels. FHF is also part of protecting the existing architectural and urban treasures in a contemporary way.

The diploma is in Danish, and we have translated it here:
Idé & realisering Kim Loudrup, and Udvikling Danmark A/S, Bjarke Ingels & BIG have conducted the unique design. An almost self-sufficient mobile unit consisting of 9 worn out shipping containers placed in 2 floors, at a floating concrete pontoon. The URBAN RIGGER has 12 student residences and a number of common areas, such as a patio with direct access to the ocean. 2,5 meters below the surface, in the “basement” of the pontoon, there is a technical room filled with all kinds of sustainable hardware, a common area with a gym, 12 storage rooms and a laundry room. On the roof of the containers there are solar cells which supply the URBAN RIGGER with energy. 

The idea is close to brilliant. Not just in Copenhagen but also in cities all over the world there is an acute lack of this type of residences that are built upon special communities and which can be implemented fast and efficiently. The beautiful and spectacular floating college has with good reason received a lot of attention from far beyond the borders of the country. It differs from our time’s other residential constructions in the way that the builders and architects radically have explored and thought out the concept. The star-shaped unit of Caribbean blue containers reuses the maritime materials and surpasses the most expensive new constructions alongside the city’s waterfront by inspiring the students through the cheapest rents and the best sea view.

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Other awards

BFI Fuller Challenge

Zumtobel Group Award

PV Magazine Award

Fairs & Exhibitions

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The URBAN RIGGER project has participated in different fairs and exhibitions around the world. The project was, amongst other things, selected to be shown as part of the 15th International Architecture Exhibition in Venice on the 28th of May to the 27th of November in 2016. Read about the exhibition here

You can also read about the “Hot to Cold” exhibition in The National Building Museum in Washington DC from 2015 here.

URBAN RIGGER was also present at the “Norges Varemesse” in Lillestrøm, Norway, at the Evolve Arena, from the 5th to the 6th of December 2018. Read more about the event here. You can also watch a video about the URBAN RIGGER project published by the event on LinkedIn here.


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