Urban Rigger
  • Instagram Community

    https://youtu.be/aLx7FsdQps0 Head over to Instagram and follow Urban Rigger to get a sense of life on Urban Rigger in Copenhagen, Refshaleøen.  Our community is a crucial part of Urban Rigger – A community that enjoys a strong sense of connection, where the residents work together towards a more sustainable and prosperous future.  If you think it could be cool to live on the water, close to your friends and the city center – and if you are interested in improving the environmental footprint of our way of living in the city – you should sign up on our waitinglist for one of our studio apartment now!

  • Community in the time of corona

    Denmark is opening up the society after months of corona lockdown. For some it might seem like finally waking from a nightmare, others might almost feel a bit guilty about having appreciated the strange times and the break from normal routines. Regardless of how the global pandemic has affected our own everyday life and economy so far, there is no doubt that corona has and will continue to affect our lives for time to come. At URBAN RIGGER we had just welcomed our newest residents when the pandemic closed borders, cancelled classes or moved them online and forced people to stay at home. Some tenants left with short notice before…

  • Meet the residents: Mads

    MadsApartment type 222 years oldStudying: Physical education and sports “The water around the rigger is definitely my favorite part of living here.It’s the sound of it, that I love. It’s always there, during storms or when it’s quiet, and it calms you and keeps you going at the same time. I’m not sure how to explain it, but there’s always something moving and doing its own thing in the corner of your eye. It inspires you to stay in motion too. Which I do. Literally.I study physical education and sports, and my top three sports are kayaking, volleyball and skiing. With kayaking being my first choice it’s so brilliant for…