Urban Rigger

    While we wait for the world to open so we can travel and tell about Urban Rigger and invite international guests aboard Urban Rigger Copenhagen, we are excited about the digital opportunities to reach out internationally and tell our story. Do not miss the latest news on Worldwide Business with Katy Ireland, where Peter Mayntzhusen and Lars Funding explain and show an international audience what is so very special about Urban Rigger. 


    Most capitals and major cities in the world are port cities. Urbanization is also a global phenomenon. In most of the world’s largest cities, there is a shortage of housing; especially of housing ordinary people can afford to live in. These years, many cities are in the process of converting former urban port areas into residential areas, to meet the demand for housing. Urban Rigger does not take up expensive and scarce m2 on land, but can be placed wherever there is water. This makes UR attractive in many places in the world. Recently, Peter Mayntzhusen from UR and Kai Uwe from BIG participated in a webinar organized by the…

  • Let’s solve the urgent need for student housing!

    On Tuesday the 28th of July, 94,604 applicants to the country’s higher educations were notified about what education they are enrolled in and in which city they are going to study. That leaves the students with just 30 days to find a place to live, before the first semester begins.  This year, all young people in Denmark have been encouraged by the Minister of Education and Research, Ms. Ane Harboe-Jørgensen (S), to apply broadly geographically and academically. Compared to last year, the number of applications for higher education has increased by 7%. Despite the call to apply in different cities, the majority of hopeful future students have applied for educations in…

  • URBAN RIGGER gets a visit from the Lord Mayor of Copenhagen

    On Monday, the 15th of June, URBAN RIGGER had the pleasure of hosting a visit from the Lord Mayor of Copenhagen, Mr. Frank Jensen. The Mayor was joined by the founder of BIG Architects Mr. Bjarke Ingels, and the Managing Director of BIG, Ms. Sheela Søgård. Bjarke Ingels explained the ideas and visions behind URBAN RIGGER’s floating sustainable village.  The delegation paid a visit to some of the residents to learn what it is like to live in the URBAN RIGGER community, and to see how creatively they had organized themselves in their apartments, in the beautiful surroundings at Refshaleøen; the former B&W shipyard in Copenhagen. The meeting was concluded in…

  • URBAN RIGGER is visited by TV2 Lorry

    TV2 Lorry visited Silke and Mads who have been a part of the URBAN RIGGER community for two years. They share their story and talk about how life is when living on a Rigger. Watch the film clip here.