Urban Rigger
  • URBAN RIGGER is visited by TV2 Lorry

    TV2 Lorry visited Silke and Mads who have been a part of the URBAN RIGGER community for two years. They share their story and talk about how life is when living on a Rigger. Watch the film clip here.

  • URBAN RIGGER is mentioned in TopTenz (as number 1)!

    “The Urban Rigger project in Copenhagen, Denmark is just such a remarkable development, with 72 studio apartments for students fashioned from shipping containers.” We are very excited about being named as number 1 on TopTenz’ list of “10 Remarkable Ocean and Sea Settlements”! Read the full article here.

  • URBAN RIGGER takes first place in STHLM

    We are thrilled to be named the number one inspiring project in the latest issue of STHLM Magazine by Stockholm Chamber of Commerce. This magazine mentions cool, innovative and inspirational projects and places around the world. Read more about URBAN RIGGER in the full article here.

  • URBAN RIGGER in Berlingske Tidende

    “Now you can live in a container on the water and close to the city – BIG’s URBAN RIGGER has been upgraded.” “The Urban Rigger-project should be praised for its originality, details and wealth of ideas. After a tour you almost wish you were a student again.” ‎ These are the words from Berlingske Media today. The article is about how the BIG-designed project has been expanded with 60 new student apartments. Read the full article in Danish here.