Urban Rigger

Endless Possibilities

URBAN RIGGER is a scalable concept in a market with an increasing demand for urban affordable housing. URBAN RIGGER can be located anywhere with water access.

URBAN RIGGER is designed after the LEGO principles of composition and can be connected to small floating villages from 1 – X units after clients’ own wishes and needs. The Riggers share technical and service functions. Electrical power from the solar panels is stored locally and can be distributed when and where it is needed.

With URBAN RIGGER Municipalities, Property Owners or Developers and Other Waterfront Stakeholders can convert neglected urban piers, revitalize overlooked waterfront sections and create win-win opportunities for the community and waterfront stakeholders.

URBAN RIGGER aims to solve the shortage of affordable housing in urban areas by offering small floating (e.g. student) villages made out of container modules. It’s cheap, sustainable, scalable, flexible and surprisingly livable. Adding value to students’ lives and making our cities more complex and lively. It’s good business. Everybody wins.

Besides student housing, URBAN RIGGER can be applied in a broader Waterfront revitalization perspective – Revitalize neglected sections of waterfronts and adjacent neighborhoods.

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