Urban Rigger


The CO2 footprint per year of the structure of the vessel, over its lifespan, is close to 0. The hull itself enhances biodiversity. Microbes, mussels, barnacles, crabs, algae, etc. grow straight on the surfaces of the hull, and this wildlife share the burden of cleaning the surrounding water, as well as assisting in turning CO2 into O2.

The Urban Rigger is an eco-system in balance with organic life and energy, turning the household into a symbiosis boosting biodiversity and reducing energy consumption. This way we combine the bests from many worlds.

This is real everyday sustainability.

We believe that we can contribute to the environmental, social and economic challenges of our time. We aim to follow and promote good sustainable practices, and to reduce the environmental impacts of our activities.

Sustainable materials approach
We want to do our best to preserve our natural capital. The material lifecycle perspective is considered in all our constructions, inside as well as outside. 

Design life for the concrete hull is 100 years. The hull is made of watertight concrete. Throughout its entire life the hull requires no maintenance, no surface treatment and no dockings. No polluting physical maintenance works are required.

Design life for the containerized superstructure is 60 years. The containers are made of corten steel, which minimizes the need for a frequent maintenance program. With a minimum of maintenance, they will last forever.

URBAN RIGGER is equipped with a new tech reflective membrane technology which keeps insulation efficiency high and wall thicknesses low.

Our partners and their technologies are playing a key role in obtaining these sustainable goals. You can read more about these different sustainable solutions on our Hydro Source Heating site, our Low Energy Pumps site or on our Solar Power site. Meet and learn more about our partners on our Global Partners site.

Community creations:
The community is an important part of living on an URBAN RIGGER. Recent research shows that participating in some kind of community remarkably reduces climate imprint and encourages the green transition. In other words: It takes a village to change individual behaviour.

By design URBAN RIGGER facilitates and encourages a sustainable lifestyle focusing on sharing, participating and taking responsibility for community and the environment.

Even before mankind started settling and owning and growing the land, the sense of home has been defined by lighting a fire and gathering around it. The circular shape of the URBAN RIGGER courtyard resembles a fireplace and invites to sharing stories and caring about your neighbours.

The reflections from water in constant motion creates a feeling of connectedness and belonging. Light, life and movement not only looks beautiful but reduces stress and strengthens the feeling of being part of the living world.

Located in in the center of a modern city, URBAN RIGGER dwellers, surrounded by sea and sky, are constantly reminded of the importance of protecting nature and reducing pollution and waste.

The architecture and design itself encourage modesty. There is no need or space for surplus consumption in a tiny apartment. On the contrary it makes good sense to share as many things as possible. Bicycle pumps, kayaks, vacuum cleaners, etc., can all be shared for a common good.

The URBAN RIGGER project was primarily developed as a solution to the student housing issues and works as student residences for young people who want to make something of themselves, who have clear ideas about the planet and the future, and who want to live close to their friends and their place of education. But these values have a much broader appeal. Therefore, the next generation of URBAN RIGGERs will be developed with general housing, retail and office space in mind.

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