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Kløverbladsgade 56
DK-2500 Valby, Denmark

Phone: +45 72 21 72 27
E-mail: big@big.dk

Bjarke Ingels Group, or BIG, is a Copenhagen and New York based group of architects, designers, builders and thinkers operating within the fields of architecture, urbanism, interior design, landscape design, product design, research and development. The company is involved in a large number of projects throughout Europe, North America, Asia and the Middle East. BIG’s architecture is based on a careful analysis of how contemporary life constantly evolves and changes, and is influenced by multicultural exchange, global economical flows and communication technologies that all together require new ways of urban and architectural organization.

Read more about BIG on our About BIG site.


Martin Bachs Vej 3
DK-8850 Bjerringbro, Denmark

Phone: +45 87 50 50 50
E-mail: contact@grundfos.com

Grundfos partner in a project – Transforming shipping containers into sustainable, floating student accommodation under the brand URBAN RIGGER.

Grundfos is a Danish company based in Bjerringbro. The company is a world renowned entrepreneur regarding pump solutions and water technology, and is gaining international attention by upcycling old containers and transforming them into attractive, floating student housing. Based on the design of the URBAN RIGGER Project and its combination of sustainability and technological innovation, Grundfos sees the unusual building project as an excellent testbed for developing housing and small communities for the future. 

Read the full partner statement here, and check out the Grundfos/URBAN RIGGER-videos below:

Read about our collaboration and the Grundfos pumps, which are used on the URBAN RIGGERs, on the Low Energy Pumps site.


Nordborgvej 81
DK-6430 Nordborg, Denmark

Phone: +45 74 88 22 22
E-mail: danfoss@danfoss.com

Danfoss partners with URBAN RIGGER to bring sustainable student accommodation to European harbours. URBAN RIGGER is a powerful example of how we can push for innovative answers to our urban challenges. It proves that we can do more with less to the benefit of our community; an ambition shared by Danfoss.

Danfoss is a leading international group regarding the research, production and development of mechanical and electronic components and system solutions. Their most renowned  products consists of thermostats for heat control, but they also have a broad product portfolio when it comes to solar and wind energy, as well as district heating and cooling.

Danfoss partnered with URBAN RIGGER to bring sustainable student accommodation to European harbours. The Danfoss technologies are playing a key role in generating heating and cooling, whilst ensuring internal climate comfort and keeping energy use to a minimum on the URBAN RIGGER.

Read the full partner statement here, and check out the Danfoss/URBAN RIGGERr videos below:

Read about our collaboration, and the Danfoss heating systems and technologies, that are used on the URBAN RIGGERs, on the Hydro Source Heating site and the Low Energy Pumps site.


Carl-Miele-Straße 29
DE-33332 Gütersloh, Germany

Phone: +49 5241 8966899
E-mail: presse@miele.de

Project development with common values.

Miele is a German manufacturer of high-end domestic appliances and commercial equipment, headquartered in Gütersloh, Germany. A professional partner is essential when it comes to designing premium quality kitchens with integrated appliances or equipping laundries with high quality reliable units. The Miele Project Business Division is dedicated to meeting the needs of developers, investors, architects and interior designers. Miele has been successfully involved in this sector for over 20 years and is able to offer both vast experience and a strong, international premium brand.

From the beginning, the URBAN RIGGER project’s objective regarding sustainability and innovative foresigt has greatly appealed to Miele, who knew right away that they very much would like to take part in the project. URBAN RIGGER represents a set of values which perfectly match Miele’s fundamental views, including the aspect of sustainability, which also plays an important role at Miele.

Read the full partner statement here.


Sonnenallee 17 – 21
DE-06766 Bitterfeld-Wolfen, Germany

Phone: +49 (0)3494 6699 0
E-mail: q-cells@q-cells.com

Powering the ideas of tomorrow with solar energy today.

Through its rich history of more than six decades, the Hanwha Group has been driven by its mission to “contribute to the prosperity of mankind and to the sustainable future of the earth”. Based on this Hanwha Q CELLS has been working to turn solar energy into the most accessible and sustainable source of energy on the planet. 

The URBAN RIGGER Project comprises so many of the fundamental ideas, principles and goals, which form the identity of Hanwha Q CELLS, that it was an obvious match. Connecting people, building creative communities, solving the challenges of the societies of  today and tomorrow, and contributing to a healthier and more livable planet; that’s what URBAN RIGGER combines in its visionary approach to revolutionize student housing and that is what Hanwha Q CELLS has been striving for in the attempt to create the solar solutions that provide sustainable energy to people around the globe.

Read about our collaboration and the solar energy used on the URBAN RIGGERs, on the Solar Power site.


Steinkelt, Galhausen 23
BE-4780 AT. VITH, Belgium

Phone: +32(0)80 77 10 28
E-mail: info@aluthermo.be 

Aluthermo is a thin reflective insulation system that has been used in new constructions and renovation of buildings for many years. The flexible complex system consists of several layers of aluminum and confined dry air. It enables efficient energy saving. 

The most effective way to reduce energy consumption is to insulate. Therefore URBAN RIGGER uses the Aluthermo thin reflective insulation. Aluthermo insulation is incomparable thin, with a thickness between 10 and 42 mm, offering unrivaled slimness, which saves space, as well as flexibility with no compromise on the thermal performance. It is also very easy to install. It is based on highly advanced technology and has been tried and tested under extreme conditions.

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