Urban Rigger

Cork, Ireland



The housing challenge that Ireland faces at the moment is huge and requires new ways of thinking in terms of development and innovation.

Especially Cork city is experiencing the effects of the ongoing housing crisis in Ireland, perhaps more than almost any other region in Ireland. Cork has become a center for large IT and hi-tech companies, which has brought social and economic vitality to the city, but the pressure for affordable and available accommodation is a major concern for those who work in the field and for companies looking to locate there – and the situation can get far worse as the city’s population expands.

However, in crisis there is always opportunity!

Situated on one of the world’s biggest natural harbours with ample waterfront space, Cork is particularly interesting for our next project. By using the river itself, Urban Rigger expands the potential of the docklands redevelopment bringing life and “hygge” into these areas. Each rigger consists of 18 apartment with individual kitchen and bathroom and are built around a shared, green courtyard for bikes, kayaks and BBQ. Each rigger also has a large community room in the basement below sea level, as well as a great rooftop area. Our concept provides the opportunity to create sustainable and vibrant communities and with a little vision and imagination one can see the development of family homes, offices and business spaces. 

Urban Rigger is in many ways the ideal solution to some of the challenges Cork and other sites in Ireland are facing at the moment


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