Urban Rigger

Gothenburg, Sweden

Göteborg, Sweden image

In the Swedish city of Gothenburg URBAN RIGGER has been selected to build a floating village of 12 Riggers in Nordre Frihamnsbassängen, which would give the city 216 floating accommodations. Why is a harbor town like Gothenburg and URBAN RIGGER such a great match? Gothenburg’s history is a story of how the water and the harbor have defined the course of the city and anchored it to its location.

Inexorably linked to the river, Gothenburg is proof of how nature and city can come together, for then to open up to the world. The unique location is the reason for the city’s emergence and prominence in the region, and the port authority still runs the economic and cultural development of the city.

The connection to the water is central to the development and has been an important factor when URBAN RIGGER was selected. The ways in which the city meets and interacts with the water make it possible to stay up, to play, eat, reflect, socialize, swim, dance, sunbathe, jog, sail and skate.

In short, a life created in and on the water is one of great possibilities. The site in Gothenburg provides unique opportunities when it comes to enjoyment and enrichment. The surrounding area is an open landscape that emits an attractive natural atmosphere.

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