Urban Rigger


Most capitals and major cities in the world are port cities. Urbanization is also a global phenomenon. In most of the world’s largest cities, there is a shortage of housing; especially of housing ordinary people can afford to live in.

These years, many cities are in the process of converting former urban port areas into residential areas, to meet the demand for housing. Urban Rigger does not take up expensive and scarce m2 on land, but can be placed wherever there is water. This makes UR attractive in many places in the world.

Recently, Peter Mayntzhusen from UR and Kai Uwe from BIG participated in a webinar organized by the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs in collaboration with Indonesian Diaspora Networks to present and discuss how Indonesia can get more affordable housing and good liveable cities. There is in every way a long way from student housing on Refshaleøen in Copenhagen to floating homes in Indonesia and we are very excited about the challenge and look forward to future collaborations where we with our technological knowledge and resources together with local authorities, citizens and urban developers can offer Urban Riggers as part of the solution to global challenges.


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