Urban Rigger


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Urban Rigger is mentioned in EchoLive.ie as a brilliant idea to solve the major housing crisis that Ireland, and especially Cork city, faces at the moment.

Cork has become a center for large IT and hi-tech companies, which has brought social and economic vitality to the city, but the pressure for affordable and available accommodation is a major concern for those who work in the field and for companies looking to locate there – and the situation can get far worse as the city’s population expands.

Read the article where Simon Jennings encourages policy makers to look at alternative ways and be braver when it comes to solving the housing crisis in Cork city.

”Cork has a unique opportunity in this sense as the city is situated on one of the world’s biggest natural harbours with ample waterfront space in conjunction with the docks redevelopment plan recently announced. By using the river itself, Urban Rigger expands the potential of the docklands redevelopment”

– Simon Jennings

Extended interview on Cork FM

In the extended interview on Cork’s 96 FM, radio host on the Opinion Line, PJ Coogan calls Urban Rigger a brilliant idea!

“Imagine that your bedroom window faces east and every morning you get a gorgeous sunrise that comes down into the city – that would be so cool”

– PJ Coogan

Let’s make it happen! 

You can read more about how Urban Rigger can free out spaces and contribute to the social and economic growth in Cork city on our project site.