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URBAN RIGGER gets a visit from the Lord Mayor of Copenhagen

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On Monday, the 15th of June, URBAN RIGGER had the pleasure of hosting a visit from the Lord Mayor of Copenhagen, Mr. Frank Jensen. The Mayor was joined by the founder of BIG Architects Mr. Bjarke Ingels, and the Managing Director of BIG, Ms. Sheela Søgård. Bjarke Ingels explained the ideas and visions behind URBAN RIGGER’s floating sustainable village. 

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The delegation paid a visit to some of the residents to learn what it is like to live in the URBAN RIGGER community, and to see how creatively they had organized themselves in their apartments, in the beautiful surroundings at Refshaleøen; the former B&W shipyard in Copenhagen.

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The meeting was concluded in the TV room in the common area of one of the Riggers, where the Executive Chairman of URBAN RIGGER, Mr. Lars Funding, presented our ambitions and plans for creating floating sustainable villages in Denmark and around the world, thereby assisting in solving a global need for affordable housing.

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Many cities around the world need to find sustainable ways to utilize former industrial harbour areas. The fact that URBAN RIGGER is mobile and only takes a couple of years to produce provides a unique opportunity to use the cities’ unused locations, and even to do so during the long transitional periods, from when industry moves out and before infrastructure and land based architecture is ready to receive new residents. URBAN RIGGER offers a great potential for cities, creating life, identity, and culture and has the opportunity to move on to a new location later.

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URBAN RIGGER makes cities bigger in a sustainable, fast and flexible way.
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